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Caritas” – charity organization of Catholic Church, spread all over the world. Its name means “love” in Latin. In Ukraine this organization has a full name “Religious Mission Caritas-Spes” of Rome-Catholic church” (“spes” means “hope”). The main task of the Mission is the help to all those who need help irrespective of their confessional belonging and ethnic origin. It includes spiritual and material help for the poor, orphans, suffering from catastrophes, the sick, migrants, prisoners.
The first “Caritas” organization was founded in Freiburg, Germany in 1897, soon it spread all over Europe. Now there are nearly 170 national “Caritas” organizations which are parts of “Caritas-Internationalis”. Ukrainian Mission was founded in 1995, now it has 30 branches in different regions of Ukraine.
In Lutsk diocese a branch of “Caritas-spes” was founded in 29.01.1999. German partners-foundation “Humanitarian help to people on the East” from Steinfeld-Mühlen
and “Bokerner Klike” from Lone cooperate closely with it, supplying the cargos of humanitarian help. Due to their sacrificial help a recreational camp was built in Pulmo village, Shatsky district, Volyn region.
The Mission organized a distribution centre of humanitarian help in which the distressed can receive clothes and footwear, linen or other necessary things. Diocesan “Caritas-Spes” always takes care of a few orphanages and hospitals, and from time to time helps territorial Centers for lonely, disabled citizens in Volyn and Rivne regions. Except clothes and footwear orphanages also receive furniture and educational equipment and presents for holidays. Every summer children from residential care homes and also children from incomplete families have a possibility to recreate free of charge in a wonderful Mission camp at Lake Svityaz . Also constant help is given to a few penitentiary institutions.
Priests and volunteers from “ Caritas-Spes” takes care of the sick and lonely, and they give not only material help but spiritual care as well. By its activity “ Caritas–Spes” wants to give help to all those who desperately need it, irrespective of their confessional belonging or nationality, in a spirit of Christ’s love and real Christian values.

Director: Fr. Roman Burnyk, Chancellor of Lutsk Diocese.



Religious Mission “Caritas-Spes”
Lutsk Diocese
Rome-Catholic Church
17, Cafedralna st
43016 Lutsk


Phone number: +38 044 0332 724650

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

© Управління Луцької дієцезії Римсько-Католицької Церкви
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